Monday, May 6, 2019

Board Election/Parent Survey

-LCS Families-

Every year, Lincoln Charter asks for input from our families in several ways.  

First, we ask that you vote in this year's School Board election, these parent-elected School Board representatives serve our community in many ways.  You can access this year's ballot here - School Board Ballot.  Voting closes on 5/17.

We also need your input on our annual parent survey.  Our admin team and staff review these results each year.  This helps us to evaluate our service to our community.  Please take the time to complete this survey - your response will help us grow and improve!  You can access this survey here - Parent Survey.

Thank you for your feedback! 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Lincolnton Building Update

-Dear LCS Community-

We are excited to share some of the planning details for future building and expansion of the Lincolnton campus!  

For over a year, the School Board and the Foundation Board have been preparing to expand the Lincolnton campus.  Several of the components of this plan, all at varying stages of completion, include: (a) securing additional land that will support the future development of Lincoln Charter and the Lincolnton campus, (b) identifying and working with an architect to develop building plans that allow for proper construction of permanent buildings, (c) working with associated surveyors, permitting, traffic impact and related entities to prepare for building, (d) evaluating the current and projected financial status and capability of Lincoln Charter - involving the LCS Finance Department, the Foundation for Education, the Finance Committee, etc., and (e) working to secure financing that will allow for all of this work to be completed.  All of these tasks are time-intensive and very detailed, however the School Board and LCS administration are committed to an intentional, purposeful process.

From the financing perspective, the Finance Committee, LCS Finance Department and School Board have opted to pursue a loan through the USDA Community Facilities program.  These entities evaluated several other financing structures and options, and determined that USDA financing is the best option (and represents the greatest value) - while meeting or exceeding all requirements.  This loan is currently being evaluated by the USDA and we should be notified of their decision within the next few months.  Once approval is achieved, Lincoln Charter will begin the process of identifying and securing a contractor - so that construction can begin.  

As you may know, our models forecast the Lincolnton campus growing by approximately 50 students over the next 5 years.  At this point the campus will reach capacity.  The Denver campus has been at capacity for several years.  Total student population, when at capacity, will be approximately 1,200 students at each campus.  Our Lincolnton growth will occur in 8th grade for 2019-2020, in 9th grade for 2020-2021, and so on.  This will necessitate that the current MS/HS is expanded, per the original Phase 1/Phase 2 plan for the MS/HS building.  Phase 1 is the current structure that houses all MS and HS students and Phase 2 is an additional classroom wing that will adjoin the existing building, stretching out toward the existing HS student parking lot.  The other immediate need is to construct a permanent home for K-5 students.  Our architect is simultaneously working on plans for both of these components.  They are also considering the campus plan once all students are housed in permanent buildings (i.e., plans for the current K-5 buildings and the associated space/footprints).  These plans are still in the development phase and, as such, are not final at this time.  

Once LCS has received final notice of financing and building plans, we will host an information night to share additional information with our community.  At this point we do not have a definite timeline for financing approval, groundbreaking and construction.  In the 20 year history of Lincoln Charter we have always made the most fiscally responsible and student centered decisions possible - and this process aligns with this model. The Lincoln Charter School Board, Administration and Finance Department are committed to an efficient building process; one that will allow for quality construction, the long-term viability of Lincoln Charter, and the best in results for our students and community.  

If you have any questions about this process prior to our community info session please feel free to contact Mr. Bryant ( or the LCS School Board ( Thank you for your support!

Lincoln Charter School Board and Mr. Bryant

Friday, March 29, 2019


-Hello LCS Community-

This is a quick note to remind parents that we are beginning another round of Coffee & Conversations with our community.  Details are in Charter Chatter.  As a reminder, these sessions are an opportunity to interact with LCS administration for questions/comments/kudos/constructive criticism.  All are welcome.

Also, we are beginning some tree work on the Lincolnton campus in the next week or so.  This work should not impact carpool or any other campus activities, but I do ask you to be aware of the tree crew as you are on campus.  This work is to perform some routine tree maintenance (several of the trees that we are working on are close to the end of their life expectancy).  We plan to plant some native trees that have a longer life span.

Thank you for your support, have a great weekend!

Mr. Bryant

Sunday, March 3, 2019

School Board Nominations

-Hello all-

It is that time of year again....

LCS School Board Nominations and ElectionIt is time to begin planning for our next year at Lincoln Charter, which means school board nominations and election.  The selection process for new board members will soon begin and we need you! Please consider serving as a leader on the school board.  Each year we strive to present a slate of people who possess various talents and skills that compliment each other to create a dynamic board of directors.  We need people with insight and ideas to ensure steady progress into the future by keeping with Lincoln Charter’s vision and mission. This is a continuous process that requires evaluation and implementation of strategies by its leaders, faculty and administrators.  Please consider those willing to give of their time and talents to keep LCS a sought after place for children to receive an outstanding education. School Board elections will be held in May via electronic format. Below are some guidelines for your consideration for nominating prospective members for our Board of Directors.  The LCS website gives an in-depth description of Board operational goals, legal status, powers and responsibilities, authority, liability and other qualifications of board members.
Attributes of an Excellent Board Member
Unselfish Agenda:  Someone with a flexible mind-set, who is respectful of others while demonstrating mature, responsible, and logical reasoning skills, creates an atmosphere that facilitates progress for all children.  A board member represents all 2000+ students. He/she does not represent an individual student, class, school division, campus or special interest. Each board member must adhere to a strict conflict of interest policy.
Team Player:  Board members must work well with others toward achieving a common goal. Understanding that LCS is multiple campuses, but one school with one spirit is critical. Concurrently, board members need to understand that each campus has somewhat different needs and that decisions must be made on the basis of what is best for the school as a whole.
Leadership:  A board member should be a community leader, and/or someone who volunteers their time to benefit their local church, neighborhood, charity or non-profit organization.
Time Commitment:  Members are charged with a serious responsibility.  They are not merely a hierarchical group who meets once per month to vote on a line-item agenda.  Board members are expected to be at all monthly meetings which last from 1-2 hours and meet every 4th Monday of the month.
Volunteer:  Members are expected to contribute several hours per month outside of the regularly scheduled meeting toward the benefit of LCS.  This includes committee leadership or other school wide volunteer opportunities. Our directors should be the most dedicated and participating members of the LCS family, leading by example.
Donor:  Board members are the leaders who steer Lincoln Charter towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure Lincoln Charter has adequate resources to advance our mission.  Excellent School Board members will financially donate to the school (as they are able), he/she will understand the LCS fundraising plan, they will help to show appreciation for donors, he/she may work to identify potential donors and they will be a strong advocate for Lincoln Charter.
Please consider a nomination for a Lincoln Charter Board member, or serving on a committee.  It is a rewarding experience! The LCS School Board nominating committee is now accepting nominations for the two parent elected positions on the 2019-2020 School Board. If you would like to nominate someone or if you would like to self nominate, please email
Please contact the school board via email with any questions you may have at

Monday, February 11, 2019

Land Acquisition

-Hello LCS Community-

The purpose of this post is to communicate information on continued efforts to develop and build out the Lincolnton campus.  The LCS School Board has recently purchased some property (approximately 6 acres) that is adjacent to the Lincolnton campus - this property will allow for Lincoln Charter to leverage a larger property area for future building.  

The Lincoln Charter School Board and LCS staff are continuing to diligently work on a plan for building out the Lincolnton campus, however this plan is still in an investigation/planning phase.  As soon as the School Board makes any decisions regarding future building plans, we will be sure to communicate this news with you.    

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Chief Administrator

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

2019-2020 Calendar

-Hello LCS Community-

You will notice that the 2019-2020 calendar is now live on our website.  This calendar was recently approved by the School Board.  Page 2 of the calendar should give you a rationale for some of the decisions that were made regarding this calendar - hopefully this is helpful information. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

2019-2020 Academic Calendar

Warm Regards,

Mr. Bryant

Monday, January 28, 2019

HEAR or SEE something, SAY something reporting form

-Hello Lincoln Charter community-

I would like to let you know about an additional safety tool we are rolling out this week for our community.  This is an anonymous reporting form that is open to the public, however we will communicate it particularly with our students, staff and parents.  A few details about this form:

  • This form can be filled out by anyone - it can be anonymous or the respondent can include their contact information if they wish
  • Students and parents are still encouraged to report concerns directly to a trusted adult or your building administrator, however this form will allow an individual to anonymously report something if they prefer
  • We are not implementing this tool because of a concern, it is intended to be a proactive safety measure
  • Our school counselors will initially screen the responses - and will involve other staff members as needed
  • The form can be used to report self harm, a threat, dangerous activity, bullying, etc.
  • This form will be on student laptops as a bookmark and it also is posted on the LCS website 
  • The Form
This form is an additional component of our current safety plan - as we continue to review and update the security measures for our community.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

-Mr. Bryant